SILO is our recent project, coming from the question: how do we and our bodies relate to the public space and each other? In our vision space is beyond the physical matter of floor, walls, stairs, sidewalks, stone, street furniture – sound, sight and view, temperature, smell, weather, other people and their movements create space as a living being. Public space in itself is a daily improvisation, always moving and changing. And especially this last year all of us had to find new ways of relating and improvising. SILO is born out of this new negotiating between bodies, our new relationships in public space. With thanks to Fonds Podiumkunsten. Special thanks to the owners boar and the residents of SILODAM.

  • Choreography: Raul Saldarriaga  
  • Dramaturgy: Barbara van Male                                                                                                 
  • Dancers: Rui Alexandre, Thalia Laric, Raul Saldarriaga                                                          
  • Guides: Dora Mester, Tiia Veni                                                                                                  
  • Video and photography: Seraina wams             

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