Space as a living being

During my move about in this research, I have gone through the experience of perceiving space as a living being, with its own personality and style. In my childhood, I was always curious about other people’s houses. when I entered them I immediately experienced a new smell, new energy, a different architecture, and of course … different food. Even if the food was made by different people, each house has its own flavor. I discovered that the food character corresponded more to the house than the people.

Object as a document

In this exercise, two people exchange personal objects in silence, each one appears in the space carrying 7 objects to exchange. The instructions are:

1. To group the objects and think of an exchange order, which object is exchanged first, which second, etc.
2. Take the object in your hands and let the object provide the information it contains. for example, I exchanged a jacket that belonged to my father. In this jacket, the most essential information is the olfactory because it smells like my father and that smell brings the image of his face.
3. When you have an image of the information that contains the object, it is passed on to the other person.
4. When receiving the object that belongs to another person, it should be noted what type of information has this new object, a memory, a connection, a feeling, etc
and the exercise is repeated until you finish sharing the 7 elements of each person.

Choreographic Chat

In this exercise, the objective was to inhabit the house that for the two was new and leave notes in different spaces, notes of how we felt inhabiting space, what memories came, and what sensations this encounter with space produced. The format was small colored papers (post-its). these colored papers began to draw sequences and have multiple functions because at first they were thought of as a format for writing but they were transformed bit by bit into part of the form and content of the message. depending on the position and the relationship with other roles, it took shape and changed meanings, signaled roads, 

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