How do we and our bodies relate to the public space and each other? In our vision space is beyond the physical matter of floor, walls, stairs, sidewalks, stone, street furniture – sound, sight and view, temperature, smell, weather, other people and their movements create space as a living being.


As our bodies are a risk now, and still they are a place of emotions, desires, memories, pain, pleasure. We experience the absence – one could say taboo – of touch, which reminds us of contact as our fundamental birthright


If two children were fighting in front of me, I could stop them, only for another two or three to start fighting behind me.All my time was going into disciplinary measures rather than developing the dance program.


Choreography made out of constellations of stories from people in the audience and my personal stories.The piece has small scenes made with small objects that act as performers; then those scenes are transferred to a person that performs an index of the stories in a dance choreography.


This choreographic experiment came after the work “Atic”  and is made out of the traces of that work.


“Membrar” is an exhibition consisting of a series of interactive spaces where the spectator can reconstruct body images through his / her own movement.

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