FRIDAYS FROM, 4th NOV19:15 – 22:00 place: Brouwersgracht 140D, 1013 HA Amsterdam,

Every Friday We will play class + jam in Contact improvisation. Description: The third body speaks of abandoning my identity and being part of a new body. It is no longer me, it is no longer you; we are a new identity with the space at the same time, we are space. . 19.15 – Warming Up, Tea, chocolate. 19:30 – 20:30 Lab with @Raul Saldarriaga 20:30 -22:00 Jam

prices 1X 15 Euros 5X 60 Euro valid for two months

*If money is an issue don’t hesitate to get in touch with Raul (0625516503) to make a deal, money should not be a problem to participate. Location: Brouwersgracht 140d, Dansstudio Stichting de Lichting. The building is called “De Inktfabriek”, ring the doorbell on the right-side panel. The studio is up a small flight of stairs at the end of the hallway. Try to come a bit earlier than 19h30 so we can start all together 🙂 We advise you to bring socks, knee pads, and a long-sleeved shirt to facilitate the floor work, but you decide the conditions and the best clothes to move around.

This class is focused on generating a perception of the body as space, and of the human as nature; associating spaces and bodies with new identities. We explore experiences such as gravity, Empty matter, Physics of weight, and Dynamics, at different levels.
“Third body” comes from the idea of ​​abandoning an individual identity to inhabit a collective identity.
We invite the body to a critical state, abstracting the daily life of the city and generating new strategies for adaptation and recreation of bodies as spaces and spaces as bodies.
With no future, no past, no plans or expectations; we surrender to the present. The “error” is a plan that fails, since there are no plans or expectations, the error disappears giving way to multiple possibilities.

FACILITATOR: Raúl Saldarriaga (MA in choreography and community and MA in interactive media and environment)

Artistic director and choreographer of the “CASAGRAFIAS movement collective” in the Netherlands. In his pedagogical and artistic research, he takes space as the main agent of creation and the human body as an element of space

Let’s share the joy of the here-and-now dance

Raul Saldarriaga
06-25516503 (Raul )