Every Saturday (from 30th July), we will teach two levels (see description below), with a bit of free practice between classes:
14:00-15:45 beginners
16:00-17:45 Intermediate
18:00-22:00 playground Jam

5X classes pass valid for 2 months €60
4X classes pass valid for 4 consecutive classes cost €40
single class €14
Playground jam: if you join one of the classes you pay just €10 for the jam.
only jam at the Playground €20

*If it is your first time
*If you are starting to practice this style of dance.
*If you want to remember or recreate basic paths.
In this session, we will explore basic techniques, roll, slide, and spirals, and share the gravity and our own weight. we will explore time and space. How do we inhabit spaces that we create with other bodies? How do we surrender to the moment without plans, projects, or predeterminate structures? Every new moment is a possibility, a new universe. we will explore the transformation of the “error” into a new possibility. “Error” is a failed plan, and, if there is no plan, every movement is a new situation and new chance to interact with others playfully, and experience the body as a playground full of new places and pathways.

Medium level class:
*This course is designed for people who already have some experience with contact improvisation.
This class is focused on generating a perception of the body as space, of the human as nature; associating spaces and bodies with new identities. We explore more advanced experiences such as gravity, Empty matter, Physics of weight, and Dynamics, at different levels.
“Third body” comes from the idea of ​​abandoning an individual identity to inhabit a collective identity.
We invite the body to a critical state, abstracting the daily life of the city and generating new strategies for adaptation and recreation of bodies as spaces and spaces as bodies.
With no future, no past, no plans or expectations; we surrender to the present. The “error” is a plan that fails, since there are no plans or expectations, the error disappears giving way to multiple possibilities.

FACILITATOR: Raúl Saldarriaga (MA choreography and community and MA interactive media and environment)

Artistic director and choreographer of the “CASAGRAFIAS movement collective” in the Netherlands. In his pedagogical and artistic research, he takes space as the main agent of creation and the human body as an element of space

Let’s share the joy of the here-and-now dance

Raul Saldarriaga
06-25516503 (Raul )


★ Program ★
18.00 – 22.00 | Contact Improvisation Jam
18.00 – 18.30 | Doors open (Playground event)
18.30 – 19.00 | Opening
19.00 – 21.00 | Ecstatic Dance Set 1 Main Yemanjo
19:00 – 23:00 | Rollerskating
19:00 – 23:00 | Massage
21.00 – 23.00 | Ecstatic Dance Set 2 Basement Socrates
21.00 – 23:00 | Glow In The Dark, Neon Room, Kinky Basement
23.00 – 23.30 | Hangout

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Come 15-20 minutes early to check in, warm up, and change into comfortable clothes to dance.